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3d Scanning & Reverse Engineering Service


Featuring Artec LEO Scanning Technology

Point measurement accurate to .1 mm
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Using Artec LEO's fully wireless scanning technology, we accurately scan nearly any size project in HD. The scanner and method we employ offers our clients accuracy down to .2mm 3d resolution and .1mm point cloud resolution.


ScanMTech registers the scans of your part to a high definition point cloud mesh. Using a combination of Artec Studio software and our partnership with professional processing facilities, further converts that mesh into a CAD model.


The Cad models are dimensioned and arranged in engineering drawings that are destined to be used to facilitate manufacturing of the scanned part, inspection and quality control purposes, or to create an electronic archive.


Hard to Source Parts

Your manufacturing business maybe employing machinery that is no longer available on the market. When the time comes for that critical piece of hardware to require service or replacement, the downtime associated with locating parts could cripple your productivity.

ScanMTech solves your parts availability dilemma by providing the engineering drawings and CAD meshes of that parts frees your company from limited, expensive, and often delayed delivery options for your hard to source parts.

We Are Committed To Accuracy!


Mesh and model

CAD Drawing

What We Offer ?

ScanMTech provides your project with fast and reliable information gathering. We deliver the highest detail in scanning technology for medium and large object sizes.

Let us remove the guess-work that is sometimes associated with manual dimension information gathering.

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